About All Too Well

I can’t remember how, exactly, I started thinking about this story, but even if the memories are fuzzy, I do know they kicked off in August 2019, when I was in London.

At first, it was one book with four parts, each following one of the women from the group of friends: Darcy, Lauren, Zoe, and Beth. I kept writing and writing, more ideas and chapters popped into my mind, and I eventually turned one novel into four.

Darcy’s story is first because it’s the first that takes place.

When she popped up in my brain, she was already a TV writer, a bit all over the place, bad at filtering her thoughts and opinions, and in denial. Out of the four women, she was the most rounded when I started writing (for whatever reason), and I jumped into her story right away.

After many years of being in a supernatural young adult world, I shifted to a more realistic and older place (perhaps to better match my own situation). I’m glad I took a turn into chick lit—or contemporary women’s fiction—because as I kept writing thought the pandemic, I needed all the humor and love I could escape into.
But back to the story.

The four friends have distinct personalities, interests, and lifestyles, yet they complement each other in a way that works for them. Each novel tackles on a different challenge (well, more than one, but the main one’s different than the rest).

Darcy’s is all about dealing with past decisions—mistakes—that suddenly reappear when she runs into an acquaintance from her teens. And while she’s fantastic at her job, one of her co-workers isn’t very interested in respecting certain boundaries, so she needs to figure out some things there as well.

While the starting point of Darcy’s story is connected with her meeting Wesley again, her journey means she has to sort thought feelings, thoughts, memories, and hopes for the future.

Moira Daly

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