What’s on my desk?

My desk is somewhat messy. However, I would argue that within that mess, I am quite organized. I know what’s there—even if I don’t necessarily know where—and I have a clear notion of what isn’t kept there.

Besides my computer and an IKEA stand that holds my notebooks when I’m typing what I’ve written by hand, there are other objects. Some are useful, others aren’t. I have a weekly calendar for lists that I love, the kind you tear pages off from after the week has finished. I have a mug with over two dozen pens and pencils, a liquid paper and scissors. I have double-sided scotch tape (which I didn’t realize was double-sided because I bought it in a rush the first week I got to Germany). I have a blue desk lamp with necklaces hanging from it until I get a proper structure for hanging said necklaces (fun fact: that won’t happen). There’s a half-liter Harry Potter travel cup a friend game that, that I keep there to ensure I drink at least a liter and a half of water per day, and I have a maneki-neko. And last, but definitely not least, are my Funko Pop Black Widow, Princess Leia, Storm, Wonder Woman and Daenerys. I always want to add more (Captain Marvel, Hermione, Jessica Jones, Leslie Knope, Valkyrie), but it’s the sort of thing where I know, if I really start expanding, they’ll take over my desk and a) I’m still on a student’s budget, and b) I’ll be moving in some months and I have to be somewhat practical.

What do you have on your desk? Is it organized, or is it organized only for you?

Moira Daly

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