When I look back at any time in my life, there’s always a book or notebook around. I grew up surrounded by books (I inherited my parents’ voraciousness for literature), and at some point of my youth I also started writing my own stories.

I have a terrible memory, but I distinctly remember using my father’s typewriter to create fictional stories. They were short and sometimes they were just a re-telling of a TV show I was watching at the time.

But, nonetheless, the reading and writing stuck around.

As a teen I went through reading phases (I only read Agatha Christie for a whole year), and as I got older, I started reading different genres and authors. At school, I loved creative writing assignments and was once told by a teacher that given the lengths of what I wrote, I would be taking her weekend away. I also wrote a short novel at 11 or so, and though I’d be embarrassed to read it now because it must have had a bucketload of errors, I remember receiving support at school.

I became an Editor (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and then earned a Master’s Degree in English Language (Universidad de Belgrano), and after some work experience at different publishing houses, I spent all of ten minutes realizing that instead of devoting myself 100% to editing others’ novels, I would rather spend some time on writing my own.

I officially decided to become a writer at 26, and while at first I published under a pseudonym (Abby Barly), I finally started with The Last Summer and then decided to work on The Five series (after I got my eldest niece to read them and approve their publishing).

Now I can’t see myself doing anything other than what I’m doing, which is something I love.


I work as a freelance editor, proofreader and writer at Daly Editing, a company I started with my sister Victoria in February 2011. Together, we want to help our clients convey the same message they want to communicate in the native and target languages, understanding and adapting it for its final version.

Get to know all the services at www.dalyediting.com!

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